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For teachers of all subjects

Access to technology in education

iLab STEM is an online diploma, where you will learn a new way of developing your activities in class, applying technology, with STEM practices in a simple and dynamic way, maintaining the study plan.

Diploma of 120 hours of knowledge and practice
4 modules and 10 preparation guides
digital collaboration with other teachers
final Project.

Transform class activities into projects with STEM strategies

Experience a simple way to develop your activities in class with technology, and get tolos to design, implement and evaluate them with the topics that you already have assigned for your classes.

reunión de negocios
Teahcer en una clase de matemáticas

Experience the learning and replicate it in class.

Get the experience to replicate it in your classes, with a leadership of collaboration and change, solving challenges, with a student-centered activities, oriented to solve challenges and integrating technology, which allow an individual adoption of knowledge.

What will you take away from ILAB?

• Tools to develop activities with structure of STEM.
• Know different technologies in education.
• Creative techniques for greater student involvement in the learning process.
• Guides for developing STEM strategies with your subject and continuing with your curriculum.

• The experience of collaborative dynamics.

Todas las manos adentro

The teacher of the 21st century



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