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Get a full scholarship 
for our 

Transform Your Future with the Ibero-American  STEM Certification

Are you passionate about education and technology? 


This is your chance to shine!


Participate in the Ibero-American STEM Campaign and get a full scholarship for our diploma and  training in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), endorsed by the prestigious American Association of Robotics and Technology in 
cooperation with the TECC Foundation.

What do we offer you?

Professional Certification: Become a Certified STEM Teacher Instructor, specializing in artificial intelligence, Python programming, 3D printers, robotics and much more.
Career Development: This certification will open doors for you worldwide, improving your income and professional opportunities.
Access to Global Job Board: Connect with prestigious schools and educational centers at kindergarten, primary, secondary and high school levels around the world.

Act fast! 

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The deadline for registrations and applications is 

March 15, 2024. 


Places are limited.

Join the elite of certified teachers worldwide and make a difference in the education of the future.

Diplomado STEM

To register, please complete the following information.

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IMPORTANT: We will be sending you information about our upcoming events and seminars.

Thanks for registering!

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