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Tournament Cost: $30 USD per Team

The Tournament is organized by AAROBOTEC, aimed at students from all over the world. In applying the knowledge they possess and adding to it, students will perform certain tasks such as programming a robot to follow a set of commands. The aim of this event is to get students to display their wit and utilize their skills as creatively as they can. After all, the tournament is all about pushing the bounds of creativity!

Students of ages 3 to 17 will put their knowledge of programming, electronics, creativity and collaborative work to the test. The themes for the tournament are: ‘Reforestation’, ‘Smart City’, ‘Smart Fly’, and ‘Autonomous Cars’. These themes emphasize the importance of a technologically advanced, sustainable world suitable for humans to live in and therefore encourages students to broaden their horizons of what can be achieved today.

Competing against each other in the tournament’s enjoyable environment, students have the opportunity to crown themselves as world winners of the different categories.


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From 4 to 6 years

From 12 to 16 years

From 6 to 13 years

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From 15 to 19 years

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Students from all over the world will compete in the same mission.

We are waiting.


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